Vacuuming The Dust Away – Best Vacuum Cleaners


Sanitation is the top most requirement of every household. A clean house is a dream house. But we know that it is easier said than done. Cleaning is probably the most exhausting thing ever, even though it is worth the outcome. But nobody wants to spend their weekend cleaning all the dust off when there is so much out there to do. Although many people can come up with many excuses to avoid cleaning, there are two primary reasons we even hate the idea of cleaning.

· The effort it takes completely squeezes out all the energy from you. It is exhausting and difficult. Cleanliness requires its own tools like a broom or mop or a duster. Then washing and rewashing them is again a heavy task.

· It is time-consuming. It’s not something that would finish up in a few minutes. Cleaning often ends up taking the half of the day.

So, no wonder it is such a tiring task. But like everything, it has alternatives, and some of them are really good. Okay, so here’s the main word – Vacuum Cleaners. Now many of you may not be impressed by this word, but keep in mind that vacuum cleaners are an underrated object. Vacuum cleaners have made lives easier for so many women and homemakers that it is beyond imagination. And they completely dismiss both the above factors against cleanliness.


They are extremely easy to use and does not require that long hour. Even so, many people claim to have a bad experience with the device. It could be because the choice is important. Vacuum Cleaners are a demanding object and not every company stands up to the expectation. For many, it is purely for money. Quality is often side-lined. But you need to know what the best of the best is.

Here we give you a vacuum cleaner countdown, a list of top 10 vacuum cleaners available in the market with all their facts and features.

1. MIELE DYNAMIC – The best part about Miele Dynamic is its capability to weed out even the microscopic allergens. So sanitation wise, it is a number one choice. This bagged upright cleaner is completely able to clean all kind of floors, be it wooden or tiles or marble. The vacuum cleaner comes with excellent blue cleaner and is not very high – maintenance. Thus, making it a perfect choice for a vacuum cleaner.

2. DYSON CINETIC BIG BALL ANIMAL – The vacuum cleaner is known for its effective suction techniques. Since the mouth of the suction pipe is not too wide, it is able to go through corners and other tiny places which are usually unreachable by its competitors. It also has a very futuristic look which kind of interests you in working with it.

3. KENMORE INTUITION – Again a milestone in the world of vacuum cleaners, Kenmore Intuition is specially designed to pick up pet hair and hard-to-reach soil. A drawback includes an annual charge for new filters and dust bags, but this one is still known for its outstanding reputation in suctioning and cleaning.

4. EUREKA BRUSHROLL – An excellent vacuum cleaner to clean hard floors and carpets, Eureka Brushroll also comes with a lightweight SuctionSeal making it the first bagless upright vacuum cleaner in the list.

5. PANASONIC JETSPIN – The best part about this one is its 14-inch cleaning path making it accessible to almost anywhere. Although it is a little high-maintenance, this bagless vacuums cleaner is often the first choice for many buyers. It also has a “dirt – sensor” light. Now that is futuristic.

6. HOOVER AIR CORDLESS – This one comes with no cord, which is its strongest point. Thus, you are not limited to a particular area and are free to roam anywhere without changing the switch. The only one drawback is that it can make a little noise. But minus that, it is effective, light weight, and not very expensive.

7. SHARK NAVIGATOR – An effective tool to clean the house, Shark Navigator provides good suction and comes with a HEPA filter. It is also capable of detecting allergens and sealing them so that they won’t harm you.

8. EUREKA AIRSPEED – An excellent choice for hard floors and linoleum, Eureka AirSpeed is light weight, has an easy-to-remove-canister, and comes with a retractable cord.

9. HOOVER WINDTUNNEL – The HEPA filter is its primary feature. The other includes great maneuvering and suction on different types of floors and surfaces.

10. SAMSUNG – Extremely light weight and easy to rotate, Samsung Lift & Clean UV3000 uses an HEPA-like filter which is quite effective. It also has a detachable canister and is bagless.


Since now you know the best vacuum cleaners currently available, take your pick wisely considering all the factors required by you. A product with a warranty is generally suggested. Always buy from a reputable store or brand which only provides authentic material. Be a smart buyer.