The Three Best Microwave Popcorns packing a punch


Some have it for the crunch, and some have it because it is a ritual, but everyone loves munching on some pop-corn. A movie experience isn’t complete unless that tub of popcorn has safely landed in your stomach, all salt-i-tied’ your hands or caramelized your lips. Who doesn’t love a fresh bag of pop-corn to go with the movie? Or the movie with the pop-corn?

There is no rule in the book which says that the pop-corn eating ritual can’t be made a part of the living-room life. Microwave Popcorn gives you that same experience, albeit in different flavors, and more freshness. A movie partner, a quick snack, or a bait for the kids to behave — we review the top 3 microwave popcorn brands of easy to make at home popcorn. Will the brands appeal and stand tall in our taste test? Read on to learn more.

3) Newman’s Own Organics Pop’s Corn


Price – $3.39 for 3 Fluff – The organic popcorn is rid of any artificial flavors, and hence lacks that extra fluff but still appeals to our palate. Buttery-goodness – The light buttery flavor won’t appeal to the taste buds of the younger generation, compared to the truckload of buttery flavor in other. But the reason for the 3 out of 5 stars remains that subtle balance. Packaging The 3 pack microwave popcorn wrapping fails to deliver the message of being 5111Organic’ clearly. If you are manufacturing something which is rid of artificial flavors, you ought to put it in the center. The product appeals to the older and the health conscious people, and only noting all rightly buttery’ isn’t proving the purpose here. Add the sad combination of Yellow & Brown, there’s nothing eye-catchy, besides the old man and his daughter smiling with no embrace to pull the shoppers Overall taste – The flavor isn’t exactly mind-boggling. A go-to movie snack needs to appeal to my taste buds, or its fluff will likely see the bin after hanging around all alone in the living room for a day or two, but that subtle balance makes this enter our best microwave popcorn list. Best score –

2) The popping corn movie-theatre butter, Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet


Price – $2.18 for 2 Fluff-One of the first-most qualities of a pop-corn should be the ability to infuriate the serious movie watchers via their crunch. If you are not finding this trait super-handy, do not try this make. This one packs some serious crunch, registering this as one of the best fluffs found in microwave popcorn. Buttery-goodness – A bag full of butter to pour over the freshly made pop-corn. You can’t demand anything else more satisfying. That orgasmic flow of butter into the corn and that buttery god-ness will keep your taste buds amazed till the last crunch. Packaging – Who doesn’t like those step by step guides? Simple and only the catalyst for the next reaction where the butter corns land in your palate. Overall taste – The crunch and the buttery wetness gels well on the tongue, and registers the sensation for life in the brain Best score –

1) Pop secret movie theatre butter


Price – $3.88 for 6 Fluff – Perfection. A crunch which has the right amount of wetness makes us feel that this is a product developed after calculations and right pulled right out of those science books Buttery-goodness – The buttery taste is no experimental crap, but it genuinely tastes like butter. It feels as if the diary goddess came out of hiding to embrace us with the original taste. Packaging – The packaging reminds of the tubs and boxes we see in the movie theatres, and this not only makes it stand out of the competitor, but also hits those cheaper variations right in the balls. Overall taste – What is one thing that the popcorn industry is aiming for? To achieve that perfect godlike balance between flavor and crunch. And this is one of the best microwave popcorns out there because it will put even those movie-theatre popcorns to shame. The secret really is that it tastes exactly like theatre popcorn which you can make at home, and relish while laying down in that cozy corner wondering when the winter is coming.

The busy generation and the endless work hour’s means that the whole movie experience has gone out of the window. The procrastinators of today need the freedom to enjoy their endless runs of watching back to back episodes of the Game of Thrones or Archer, and the above listed best microwave popcorns will be the savior for generations to come.