Six Best Washing Machines you Should Consider


Considering the number of models in the market, and the new ones that are sprouting every day, the search for a good washing machine can be hectic. Here, we have analyzed the top washing machines based on the wash quality, price, ease of use, efficiency, noise and running cost.

Are you searching for a good washing machine? Relax. Here is a review of six best washing machines.


This model is a superb washing machine that comes at a fair price without making a compromise on its performance. The manufacturer offers you a 3-year guarantee. The machine is only 55cm deep which makes it suitable even for rooms with limited space.


The wash results compare well with those of many of its expensive counterparts, and it is quieter than most of the washing machines that cost about the same.


The Samsung WW80H7410EW is relatively inexpensive considering the quality of work it gives. Its drum holds an 8kg load with a 1,400 rpm spin. Despite its many features, it is very easy to use. The cleaning results for this machine are brilliant, just as you would expect from machines that cost double its price.


It boasts of an eco-mode feature ideal for small loads of clothes which should not be too dirty. The machine has a dark garments program for dark clothing. It also has a Baby-care option which increases the washing temperatures to kill germs. This mode also rinses the clothes for extra rounds.


This model of LG washing machines offers excellent performance, and it has features some of which you can only find in the very expensive machines. The drum weight is about 8kg. Its drum motor comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.


The machine has a fantastic steam action system. In steam refresh mode, it injects a gust of steam on clothes that are not too dirty to kill germs and to get rid of odors. It is ideal for clothes that have picked smells from various environments where you spend your day.

It also uses steam as a substitute to fabric softeners. This feature saves you money, but it is not suitable for light fabrics. Its drum can fit up to 40 shirts at a go.


If you have loads of garments that you need to clean, this is your perfect choice of a washing machine. The LG F1495BDA has a 12kg drum that can handle about 60 shirts per round. It is suitable for washing large garments such as bed covers.


The machine cleans thoroughly, and it has several programs for customizing the wash. It offers two fast-washes, baby-care, skin-care and a dedicated program for washing duvets.

The machine’s eco-mode runs at optimum when the drum is full, or at least 80% loaded. It can become uneconomical to clean just a few clothes, but in overall, it is relatively inexpensive to run since it is a massive machine.


MIELE WMR 560 WPS is considered to be more expensive than most of its competitors, but if you are interested in high performance and durability, it is the excellent choice. Its drum washes up to 45 shirts in one load, and its 1,600 rpm spin mode is extra fast. The machine can last for decades without breaking down. It has a 5-year warranty.


It offers the best washing results with regular soaps. It has TwinDos and CapDos systems which use detergents specially made for this machine. These systems give better results than ever seen with other washing machines.

The machine has programs for various materials, and it is very easy to use it. It runs very quietly, and it has lights that illuminate the drum when you open it, making it easy for you to locate even the tiniest pieces of garments.


This incredible machine has a drum capacity of about 50 shirts and has 10kg load sensor. It has a fast 1,600 rpm spin and a self-dosing detergent system which automatically measures the amount of detergent needed for every wash. The touchscreen mounted on the front allows you to choose the desired programs. The machine works very quietly.


You do not have to stick around to monitor the machine as it has an app and Wi-Fi support which allows you to control the washing while away. It also has a one-touch auto wash feature which is very convenient when you need quick results. This machine is astounding and still, the manufacturer is working on improving it.

There are many types of washing machines, but we hope that this article has been of help to you in making an informed choice.