Samsung WW80H7410EW Review


When it comes to buying home machines, it is always important to know the product you are considering. This way, you avoid disappointment and frustration after investing in a machine. That is why reviews exist. Now, if you are looking for a washing machine Samsung is a popular brand in the laundry field. It offers a range of devices. However, the article looks at Samsung WW80H7410EW review.


Several aspects will make you love Samsung WW80H7410EW. Here is a closer look at them.


It comes with an 8kg load capacity and a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm. It is very easy loading and unloading the machine, thanks to the wide door. No one likes noisy equipment that is why Samsung manufacturers had in place the low-noise digital inverter motor.

Children love playing around. When they hear beeping sounds or jingles from your machine they are likely to stick around it. You can keep your kids away using the child lock, which mutes the sounds. The delay end setting makes this machine better than devices that have delay start feature.

Smartphone app connection

The smartphone app that helps monitor the device for any errors ensures you are safe and able to use your machine when you really need it. This feature indicates that the tool is up to date with the latest tech making it ultra-modern.

The app actually helps you solve simple problems regarding the machine. This prevents you from having to call Samsung technicians to help. The smart check feature is what you use to access the app.


Samsung WW80H7410EW has an elegant design, starting with the colors. The white and stainless models look elegant in whatever space you place the machine in your home. The LCD, blue doorframe and rounded corners add to the beauty of this brand.


There is a variety of programs to enjoy and ensure that your clothes are not ruined. The rotary dial will enable you to choose the program that fits your laundry needs. The main programs are Super Eco and Cotton.

All kinds of laundry are taken care of including sportswear, baby clothes, bed sheets, dark clothes, woolen, delicates, and synthetics.

Super Eco and Cotton Wash programs are very common. They can handle the 8kg maximum load specification. However, when using the other programs, ensure you load less than 8kgs, specifically half or less.

Stain removal 

Samsung is great on stains including coffee, blood, engine oil and red wine stains. It is effective at ensuring you restore the original look of your fabric in as little time as possible. Do not worry about those tough stains on your favorite dress, T-shirt or towel. The Stain Away program will take care of that. Its soaking feature will be helpful in removing stains.


The double glazed door on the Samsung washing machine helps with noise reduction. It does this by absorbing some of the noise from the water and laundry moving in the drum. Samsung’s motor also keeps noise at its minimum level. A rating of 52-74dB of the machine makes it ideal for home use. 74dB noise exists when you are using a full spin speed of 1400rpm, meaning slower speeds generate less noise.


The brushless nature of the machine eliminates the need for strenuous maintenance giving you an easier time. All you have to do is use the eco drum cleaner program to clean the machine.


The initial cost of the machine is affordable. With $500, you are good to go. It will not hurt to chip in some more cash for this great machine.

However, you need to think about the cost of running the device in your home. This is about water and electricity usage. Do not worry; Samsung is great at ensuring you keep your monthly and annual costs as low as possible. Washing many clothes at once will help cut on water and electricity use.


  • Quiet operation
  • Has an A+++ rating
  • It is an energy saving model
  • Fast enough depending on the program
  • High quality and great performance
  • Easy to use


  • Wide door but small porthole

Bottom line

Samsung WW80H7410EW is definitely worth every penny. With all the amazing features it comes with, you have no reason to pass by this machine at the store. It is great for a home setting considering the 8kg load capacity. Nonetheless, be careful on the cotton wash as it is not economical. The eco wash should be your favorite wash mode. The small porthole should not prevent you from acquiring this excellent machine.

With the above Samsung WW80H7410EW review, you are in a better position to buy the machine that deserves your money.