Neato Vs Roomba: Which Is The Better Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?


The debate between which is the more superior brand between the Neato vs Roomba has increased rapidly. These two are arguably two of the best brands present on the market and as such, I will review them head to head.

My experience with robotic vacuums started almost at the very beginning starting with the Roomba 400 series. Over the years I’ve had both Roomba’s and Neato’s. I’ve gone to love some and also struggle with others. For this comparison, we compared and contrasted the Neato XV-21 vs Roomba 770.

To compare these two models, we will break it down into several categories and analyze the results from that particular viewpoint. These categories are; Cleaning, Design, Charging, Technology, Accessories, Maintenance and lastly, Price.



Both these cleaners pride themselves on a modern design superiority. This is a no brainer given the territory. However, the biggest question is the functionality of said design. This is where these two products differ. Both robots come in at about the same size, a highly sensitive touch bumper and under the belly two steering wheels. Here are the distinctions

The Neato: this model features a square front together with a rounded back. This is advantageous when negotiating turns and corners. However, in terms of appeal, he Neato seems to be constructed with cheap plastic whereas the Roomba has a finer finish. Due to the fact that it’s about 4 inches tall, it might get stuck under some low hanging furniture.

Roomba: one of the most common complaints about the Roomba is that the circular design presents challenges when negotiating turns. But still, the fine exquisite finish of the Roomba is something special. One of the biggest advantages when it comes to the Roomba is the significantly quiet motor plus the advanced touchscreen controls.

Clean technology

At the end of the day, we are looking for a vacuum cleaner. Thus, this is the most important test of a robotic vacuum.

Neato: it has the very best suction power of any robotic vacuum in the market hands down. This is including the Roomba. Due to the setup, the pet hair, dust, dander etc. doesn’t clog it up. The rotating silicone brush also means the user has less cleaning to do. The only downside to this cleaner is the noise it makes. It is significantly louder.

Roomba: although this model doesn’t have as much suction power as its counterpart, it makes it up in other ways. The Roomba makes use of the Persistent Passing technology which aids its cause very well. The technology ensures that the cleaner passes through the sections several times to ensure they are properly cleaned.


From the aspect of a long time user, scheduling is one of the key features many people look forward to when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners. Many models in the market do not have this feature. However, both the Neato and Roomba have the feature. But make no mistake, they are by no means equal to the task.

Neato: this model features 15 minute intervals on its time. Meaning that you can set the scheduler to 11:00, 11:15, 11:30 etc. This feature is most likely enough for most users. However, when comparing it to Roomba, the Neato falls short as the Roomba has no restrictions.

Roomba: this model gives the user complete freedom in terms of scheduling clean times.

Battery life/ charging

As with all mobile appliances, battery life can make or break a system. Similarly to robot vacuums, one with a long battery life is more desirable than that with lesser life; given all other things stay constant.

Neato: one of the cool features of the Neato is that it’s able to find its power “dock” automatically. Theoretically, this means the owner doesn’t need to worry about recharging the device. As much as the Neato can find the dock by itself, it gets stuck sometimes. Which means the reserves f power might be depleted before it’s unstuck. However, when it does find the dock, it’s faster than the Roomba. The Neato clocks in at about 70 minutes in a single charge.

Roomba: in as much as the Roomba takes a while to dock, has a much better path finding ability. This means regardless of the time taken, it does return home. On a single charge, the Roomba clocks in at about 4 hours. This is a huge bonus.


Let’s just be upfront and honest; price many of the times is the determining factor.

Neato: the Neato XV-21 goes for about $429. This is a good price for the specs and features it has. The latest high end version of the Neato “Botvac” 85 can go for about $600.

Roomba: the Roomba comes is different models i.e. Roomba 760, 770,780 and 790. The latest one wich is the 780 usually clocks in at about $500-600. The lower base model can be easily found at a lower price.

Following these simple tests, we have seen that there are instances when one product beats the other. It is therefore the user’s prerogative to choose which one will best suit them and be most productive.