LG F1495BDA Review


LG is a respected brand in household electronic appliances including phones and television sets. However, LG F149BDA is a washing machine with many great features. If you are looking for a great machine for your home, this LG F149BDA review will help you understand the device better.



The LG device handles a maximum load of 12kg. Therefore, if you tend to wash many clothes at a go, this is the machine for you.

The direct drive inverter motor eliminates the need for pulleys and belts, which can be noisy. Instead, it uses the direct motor-to-drum mechanism that is less noisy and efficient. The 6 motion direct drive helps keep your laundry attractive as it gently releases clothes ensuring there is less creasing.

The motor in this device is something to marvel at. Apart from its 10-year warranty, it is a powerful part of the LG washing machine.

With an energy rating of A+++, expect this to a worthwhile investment. Its 85cm by 60cm by 64 dimensions is ideal for most nuclear families and takes care of a load bigger than 9kgs.


You have over 10 programs to enjoy; actually, they are 14 in total. This way you get to choose a program that best fits your clothes. You do not want to ruin your laundry just because you used a machine that lacks the program your clothes need.

Among the many programs, there is standard cotton, easy care, baby care for baby clothes, skin care for those with sensitive skin, duvet, mixed and woolen wash. Your sportswear also has its own program. How convenient is that?

There is a scrubbing feature to take care of clothes that need extra cleaning. There is also faster soaking and side-to-side swing for delicate fabrics.

You can choose to have a long (1hour) or short (30minutes) wash sessions. There are three types of wash cycles: cotton wash, normal and eco mode wash. All of them have a spin speed of 1400.


LG F1495BDA comes in a sleek design. You will love the color combo of the device. Its big capacity means it is larger than machines with smaller load capacities. It has a wide door and porthole to ensure you have an easy time loading.

There is an LCD screen to help you see whatever settings you key in using the control buttons. The screen is high quality to ensure you clearly see the information on it without straining your eyes. Some of the settings you will need to input include spin speed, temperature, and programs.

You can always monitor how far your washing is in terms of time remaining. It is displayed on the screen as a percentage and in numbers.

Smart technology

Apart from the LCD, buttons and touch area, you will love the integration of smartphones on this machine. You can always solve problems with your machine using the smart diagnosis feature. The washing device sends messages to your smartphone to help troubleshoot issues. You do not have to call or email LG customer care when you can fix the problem on you own. One of the things your phone will help you solve is filter blockage.


You do not have to worry about noise after you purchasing the LG brand. The 70dB is really quiet to ensure you enjoy doing laundry. The 70dB is when you are using the maximum spin speed. A lower speed is definitely quieter; it can be as low as 54dB.


The device is fast and works just fine to ensure you have an easy time washing. It is also great at removing stains such as those of red wine, coffee, and blood. It consumes less energy as long as you use the right program. Use the eco mode for half loads and normal mode for full loads.

Ease of use

LG is very easy to operate. Every setting you need is clearly displayed on the machine. The programs are easily accessible to ensure you get the setting you want when you want it.


Buying an LG machine is one thing and another running it. Think about water and electricity bills. You need approximately $70 annually to run the device.


  • Energy efficient
  • Great load capacity
  • Quiet operation


  • More costly running half loads on eco mode

Bottom line

The only downside of LG F1495BDA is the expenses of running it, especially on eco mode. Otherwise, there is nothing else to bar you from buying this product. It is efficient, has great load capacity, comes with many programs and is easy to use. It is a washing machine worth your every penny. The LG F1495BDA review should be enough to convince you to purchase this device.