How to Clean a Coffee Maker


You wouldn’t bathe in a dirty bath, so why on earth would you drink coffee from a dirty coffee maker? Cleaning coffee makers is a vital part of maintaining your coffee machine. You spent good money on getting the thing, spend a little time looking after it. Cleaning will save your hard earned cash – as you will not have to replace your coffee machine so often! Most people consider this task as daunting but that depends on the individual. The article will provide information on how well and simple it is to clean up your coffee maker.


Below are the easy ways on how to clean your coffee maker

Get rid of any old coffee grinds and rinse out your filters and decanter before you do anything else. You need two cups of distilled white vinegar, and about the same amount of water. Add the water to the vinegar to make a vinegar-water solution. Clean the vinegar out by emptying your machine of the mix, then rinse your machine by running a cycle through with water. Repeat several times to make sure the vinegar taste is out. Otherwise, you will have a funny taste left.

Put a paper filter in the usual place where the filter goes and pour the solution into the reservoir (but not through the filter!). Then just close the lid and start the usual brew cycle.

When it’s finished, remove the filter. Let the solution in the coffee pot cool down and then clean the pot with an old, hard toothbrush while the solution is still in it. Use a scourer if necessary.

You’ll find that most or all of the stains have come off, and the pot is looking like new again. But you’re not quite finished yet.

Refill your coffee pot with fresh water from the tap. Put a clean filter in position and pour the water from the pot into the reservoir (again, not through the filter). Run the coffee maker through another cycle before repeating with another pot of fresh water. That will make sure there’s no vinegar left in the system.

If it’s just the glass coffee pot you need to clean, then this is how you do it.

Rinse it first and then put some ice in it. Add some table salt and white vinegar. Usually, a tablespoon or so of salt and a glass or two of white vinegar will be about right. Top it up with water, and leave it for a while. How long depends on how badly the pot is stained. It could be anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

Rub some vinegar on top of the lid while you’re in cleaning mode, just to make sure you do a thorough job. Then pour some of the concoction away and use a scourer to rub the stains off. Empty it and rinse thoroughly under the tap.

You’ll find there’s no residue, and your coffee pot is now as clean and fresh as when it left the factory.

What about if you just want to clean a stained coffee carafe? This is easy too.

Put some powdered water softener in it and add hot water. Leave it a short while (again, the more stained it is, the longer you should leave it). You may have to use a scouring sponge to get rid of the last remains of the discoloring, but there’s no effort needed to speak of.

Now you have your carafe looking like new again. It’s the same if you want to clean your thermal coffee container, but with that, you’ll put the lid on while you leave it to be de-stained, and you’ll probably have to remove the last of the stains with a scouring sponge.

So looking after your coffee maker and all its parts isn’t difficult or expensive, and you’ll have better tasting coffee for longer. And your coffee maker will repay you by lasting longer and putting off the cost of a replacement. As well as giving you great coffee. There are various recommendations for how often, but at a minimum, a coffee maker should be cleaned once a month. Maybe you could start a schedule where you always try to clean it on the first Monday of every month? Identify what works for you and follow it without hesitating.