How to Choose the Best over the Range Microwave


Technology has come a long way from the basic single use appliances of days gone by. Back in the day you would be seen well up the more appliances you had in your house. That has changed though, with too many appliances being seen as clutter. Minimalist living and compact spaces have made it necessary to have appliances that do more than one task. For the microwave, this has been a shift from the expected simple task of warming food to being able to cook a variety of foods. It has also morphed to give more than microwaving functions; this is with the development of vent functionality. When looking for a microwave, you should have the following functions in mind to find the best over the range microwave in the market.


Auto-Start Ventilation Capability

Since you are getting the over the range oven for its vent, you should most advisedly get a model that is able to detect smoke filled air and start automatically. It should also be able to detect too much heat and start. While this is a function that is in a number of models now, this should be the first thing that you check and not overlook. It should give you the specifics in terms of sensitivity and air flow. The best are able to manage 400 cubic feet of air a minute and also offer a range in fan speed.

Built-in Food Sensors

When looking for the best microwave you need to have an appliance that is able to cook a variety of foods. Today’s best is able to cook food in different ways from steaming to broiling, heating to roasting, and even baking. This allows you to use it for normal stove functions. The beauty of this is you do not have to watch over it like a stove as it is able to adjust itself automatically, giving the right amount of heat for the particular food being cooked.

Safety Features and Controls

Since the microwave packs such potential power it’s important to be able to secure it when it is not in use. A child lock feature is one of the most important features you should look out for, especially if you have children around. The feature enables you to lock down the oven to keep the settings as you like them. Another safety feature to look out for is a night light which allows you to operate the controls without necessarily turning on the lights and disturbing your eyes.

Other features that can come in handy depending on your needs are sound control which allows you to switch sound on or off, and delayed start, which is an innovative feature that allows you to preset the oven to start at a predetermined time even if you are not there. This last feature allows you to have food on demand when you get home. Another smart feature is warm hold that keeps your food warm until you remove it from the microwave.

Functionality Features

When getting the best microwave in the market you should ensure that you get features that will make your life much easier. Such a feature that should never miss is adequate space. This enables you to warm more than a plate at the same time, letting your family have dinner all together, and not have to queue up like at a fast food outlet. Adequate space usually starts at around 1.7 cubic feet. As mentioned earlier, you can get a microwave that is able to broil, bake, and roast. In order to get such a microwave you should look for a feature called convection. A feature that you could assume as being automatically there is a turntable. Some microwaves do not have this feature so be sure it is in the microwave you opt for. It is what gets your food revolving to cook evenly. An addition to this feature is being able to turn the turntable on or off, in case you don’t want the container revolving.

Being the 21st century you will be looking for a sleek design that blends into your kitchen. The best over the range microwave is made so sleek that it either has a hidden vent design or it is so well designed it blends in with the overall kitchen layout. Color choice is also an important feature as it will help you find an oven matching your other appliances. For added vent functionality you can also get a microwave that has air filters. With that you are way on your way to getting the best over the range microwave in the market.