Dyson 360 Eye One of The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner


From The previous Jetson Rosie to R2-D2, robot cleaners has for decades been sci-fi dreams. Even though robot vacuum cleaners came in different shapes for some time, many of them end up disappointing the users. However, with the fact that Dyson is the best in this field, this time they have come with one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the world, the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner. This cleaner is a match for your future needs when it comes to cleaning. Read on for more information regarding this great filter.

What is Dyson 360 Eye?


Sitting on top of Dyson’s vacuum cleaning robot is an excellent 360 degrees visual system that helps in constantly scanning the surroundings. The robot gets information from the camera, and it can recall where it has already cleaned, making sure there are no double passes. Once it cleans its task, it rolls back to its only charging space on its own.

Thanks to the Dyson Smart App, you can easily control the 360 Eye robot cleaner from anywhere in the world. The app links to your robot, allowing you to set schedules remotely, start cleaning cycles and even check the already clean areas of your home via smart maps that connect from the robot to your mobile device.


Dyson has made numerous smart designs throughout the 360 Eye to ensure you get the best vacuum cleaning with every pass that it makes. With Eye 360 Using over 420 patent technologies, this device features a full-width brush bar that runs along the length of this machine for maximum surface coverage. This vacuum cleaner is the only one containing carbon fiber filaments to clean hard floors and firm nylon bristles to clean carpets. With this vacuum cleaner paired with its tank-like treads, the device is capable of working on any surface that it encounters.

The device is small as well, weighing 2.44kg only. It is circular in shape and has a smart programming that enables it to weave around your furniture with ease. It is capable of overcoming every obstacle that can prevent it from giving your home a thorough cleaning.

The robot cleaner is made with Dyson’s powerful V2 digital motor, making use of Radial Root Cyclone technology. This technology enables the device to suck microscopic dirt and dust, giving an amazing vacuuming session ensuring that the money you spend on it is worthwhile.

Why should you buy the Dyson 360 Eye?

Well, it is not the size of this cleaner that is most interesting, but the 360 degrees camera view that inspires its name. The 360 degrees view transforms the robot from a dodgem to self-driving vacuum cleaner of all time.

Other vacuum cleaners that rely on the bump and move approach when moving around, bumping into things and finding their ways around them. In some filters, sensors detect steps and others employ acoustic sensors that detect dirty surfaces. However, they do not stop being blind mice trying to sport digital whiskers as well as pre-programmed behavior.

On the other hand, the Eye 360 robot vacuum cleaner is not blind! It is capable of seeing in every direction concurrently, enabling it to map out its movements and also to avoid bumping into things. It can know where it is going and where it has been.

Where can I get the 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaners?

You can find the 360 Eye from Curry’s PC World, and it comes with a 2-year guarantee. There are various delivery options including a next day delivery as well as free delivery within 54 days. You can also order online and collect at your nearest Carphone Warehouse or Curry’s PC World. Lower the cost of this cleaner with the flexible and unique credit union option known as Your Plan that is available online or in the stores.

The Dyson 360 Eye is a product of 28 million Euros investment by Dyson and its shows. It is full of innovations, and it is a cleaning product designed for the future. All you need is to put your foot forward. The robot revolution is finally here and available at any time at Dyson.

Well, what have you been waiting for this time round? You do not have to continue using those blind vacuum cleaners. It is about time you get Dyson 360 Eye is the robot vacuum cleaner for maximum performance.

Are you ready?