Dash Chef Digital Blender Review – The Best Blenders in Town


The Dash Chef Digital Blender Review critically analyzes one of the best blenders that money can buy. This kitchen appliance is rated as a world leader in its category because it offers a ‘three-pronged’ functionality – it blends, juices and processes your food items. So, you do not need to purchase a separate electronic gadget to complete each individual task.

Brief Introduction on Dash Chef Series Digital Blender 


The Dash Chef Series Digital Blender is powered by a 1400 watt (2.5 horsepower) motor that is operated by a digital ‘point and click’ interface. This kitchen appliance is fortified with six preset functions that allow you to blend desserts, prepare soups/smoothies, extract juice from vegetables/fruits and finally, process your favorite food items. 
The motor of this appliance is covered under a life-time warranty. It’s outer body is made of plastic and has a one year warranty. When you purchase this electronic item, you get a recipe booklet free of any extra cost. 

My Personal Experience 

This kitchen appliance showed its true metal when I prepared delicious vanilla ice cream using its preset function to blend the cream. I have also used it for preparing smoothies, piping hot soups and extracting juices of various kinds. Never once has it disappointed me with its performance. I have also run several tests on the Dash Chef Series Digital Blender. After analyzing the results, I decided to place it in the top 5 best blenders list for the year 2017.

Vital Statistics of the Dash Chef Series Digital Blender 

This product has compact dimensions (8.8×8.8×21.8), which in turn implies that you can easily store it anywhere in the kitchen. The only problem is its height – it is slightly taller than its competitors. The blender weighs eleven pounds, which makes it a lightweight kitchen appliance. The company that manufacturers this kitchen gadget is called ‘Dash’. 
Ever since this product was first introduced at Amazon (which was on December 5th, 2012), it has managed to remain in the top 300 best-seller list in its category (Kitchen Appliances). 
Since the year 2012, this blender has received 243 user reviews at Amazon. When these reviews were tallied, this product received an impressive rating of 4.1 stars out of a maximum of 5 stars. Such positive ratings are only given to reliable products. 

Test Results of Dash Chef Best Blenders 

I personally tested this kitchen appliance. Here are the results – 
Test # 1 – In the first test, I extracted the juice of four carrots and five oranges. The quality of the extracted juice was superb. I placed this juice in a glass container and refrigerated it. After six hours, I tested it again and was pleasantly surprised to find that the consistency of the juice remained the same. 
Test # 2 – In the second test, I prepared a peanut butter smoothie. The final consistency was perfect and the blades of this machine automatically stopped once the mixture had reached the correct consistency. This avoided over-whipping the mixture. I also tried to make a smooth paste of frozen cranberries. The end result was more than satisfying, with the berries being reduced to a fine creamy mixture. 
Test # 3 – In the third test, I prepared a bowl of ‘piping hot’ tomato soup. I used half a dozen tomatoes for this very purpose and managed to prepare a soup that had a 157 Fahrenheit temperature. The soup’s consistency was even and it had ample froth to make me smile. 
Test # 4 – The fourth and last test was on ice. While this kitchen appliance is among the best blenders in town, I feel it could have done better in the ice-crushing test. Nonetheless, the Dash blender managed to do a decent job, leaving behind a few lumps of ice in the process. Nonetheless, when I decided to prolong the ice-crushing process, the end result was perfect. Apparently, while crushing ice, you need to run the motor for a prolonged time period in order to achieve the desired results. 

The Build Quality and Noise Control 

The body of this machine is sturdy. Nonetheless, this is a noisy machine. I recorded a noise level of 95 dB while operating this blender. While the blender is approximately 19 inches tall, it does have a sleek and ‘well laid out’ display. The control panel has separate buttons for making smoothies, extracting juices, handling frozen items and preparing soups.

Cleaning the Mess

Cleaning the Dash blender is an easy task. You can easily dismantle the jug and the lid and clean them in a dishwasher. The buttons in the control panel are clearly visible and easy to clean. The power chord can be placed within the appliance, which is a great way to save space. Lastly, each and every usable accessory in this appliance is easily detachable, which makes the cleaning process a breezy task.

The Customer Service and Warranty

The company has a dedicated website containing video tutorials to educate consumers about this blender. If you have any queries, you can send an email or call up the customer support staff. Dash also welcomes customers to leave behind their feedback. This blender has a one year warranty on its outer body and a lifetime warranty on its motor.

Plus Points of the Dash Blender 

1) For a meager amount of $185, you get to enjoy all the functions that are usually present in blenders costing $400 or more. It is therefore a ‘value for money’ kitchen appliance. 
2) The motor of this machine is covered under a lifetime warranty. 
3) The dashboard has a digital control panel with dedicated buttons for performing separate tasks. 
4) It has a nice fit and finish. The build quality is good and it can add the ‘missing charm’ to a dull kitchen. 
5) Blending, juicing and processing food is a relatively easy. 
6) Cleaning individual parts of the machine is very easy. 

Minus Points of this Blender 

1) This kitchen appliance is rather tall in terms of its height. Hence, it may be slightly difficult to store, especially in a small kitchen. 
2) It may not be the best appliance for preparing soups.

Final Verdict on Dash Chef Digital Blender 

This kitchen appliance definitely falls in the ‘best blenders list‘ for the year 2017. It is light in weight, easy to clean and a perfect machine for extracting juices, making smoothies and processing your favorite food items.