Choosing the Best Coffee Makers to Suit your Needs


Coffee is enjoyed by almost every person in the world since it’s a mandatory part of our daily routine. Consequently, there are different types of coffee makers on the market which might leave you thinking hard when it comes to selecting the best appliance for your coffee brewing. To help make this process much easier, I have gone through the web to bring you the best coffee makers available at the moment. The following are the best coffee makers which are worthy helping you get your caffeine fix on a daily basis.

1.Bonavita’s 1900TS


Bonavita’s 1900TS is probably the last coffee machine you will ever need to own. It aims at revolutionizing at-home coffee experience. Bonavita takes up more than sliver of your real estate kitchen with an incredibly compact design. The design prevents the 1900TS from sticking out. The model packs a wallop, arguably producing one of the best drips of coffee you will ever taste. It does this by using pre-infusion- an underused process which wets coffee grounds for few minutes prior to brewing. The process of pre-infusion also allows your coffee extract evenly, thus producing much more consistent brew as well as a good cup of coffee. Nonetheless, the Bonavita 1900TS thermal eight cup carafe keeps your coffee piping hot at 150 degrees Celsius for almost four hours after the completion of the brew cycle. Compact, sleek & efficient, 1900TS is the cream of a coffee-maker crop.

2. Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew


Consistency and efficiency are successful in making your coffee maker noticeable from the rest, both of which the Optimal Brew appliance achieves with ease. Equipped with a thermal carafe (stainless steel), the Coffee Optimal Brew keeps beverage much hotter than an average coffee maker. Also, the vacuum-insulated carafe maintains each pot hot irrespective of whether it is sitting on equipment or conveniently on the kitchen counter. The optimal brew is also equipped with a detachable water reservoir, which renders the task of refilling your tank an absolute breeze. The machine can be programmed to brew at different times each day or select from either bold-brew at regular cycles.

3.Cuisinart’s DCC- 2650


Offering more functionality compared to any coffee brewer on the market, Cuisinart’s DCC- 2650 rig lets you pause your brewing process to pour a cup, in spite you do not have much time to wait. Its hot plate features 3 adjustable settings meant to keep coffee at the temperature you prefer. Also, the unit comes with a complete setting to brew between one to four cups compared to the full 12 cups. The Cuisinart includes a bold setting especially for those who prefer strong coffee and a self-clean function for coffee drinkers who just cannot find time to wash the dishes.

4.Bunny My Café MCU


Bunn my café is the most versatile brewer of the commonly known coffee makers. My Cafe MCU model gives coffee lovers lots of options when brewing. The appliance handles coffee pods, K-Cups, regular coffee grounds, and various teas, giving it an upper hand regarding flexibility. A downside of My Cafe is that it comes with several brew heads which accommodate its versatile mentioned above, this means it requires more storage space compared to the typical coffee makers as well as their accompanying accessories. Also, do not let the lone gripe hinder you from how great bunny my cafe is as a whole. A few coffee makers provide as much functionality as My Cafe MCU. The fact it brews tea or coffee in under a minute and seems good while doing it makes brewing even more attractive.

5.Chemex Ottomatic


Chemex Ottomatic coffee brewer blends simplicity and quality to produce the best cup of drip coffee. The Chemex makes pour-over brew a quick and automated procedure heating water between 197degrees Fahrenheit and 204 degrees Fahrenheit this temperature range is within the optimal range required for coffee brewing, according to the national coffee association. However, the hot plate holds the coffee at temperatures between 176 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the automatic’s particular pour-over systems also feature a pulsing spray head alternating between one- and several head drips to keep your brew hot when put into the carafe as well as to ensure a smooth and flavorful pour. Some may balk at the Chemex mode hefty price of $350, but a few coffee brewers can match its simple beauty and precision of Chemex’s latest model.