Best Robot Vacuum Review


Housework is important and you need to do it every day. Besides your dishes, straightening and laundry you do, your house also needs deeper cleaning, such as sweeping, cleaning and mopping. This can be tedious at times, but you can save lot of your time by investing in the best robot vacuum. They don’t replace regular mop or upright vacuum but help you maintain a cleaner home so you don’t have to do all those deep cleans quite so often.

Robot vacuums have been on the market since 90’s. Many of these useful machines employ rotating brushes that help pick up all bits and pieces along the rugs and baseboards. The best robot vacuums use HEPA filters to trap allergens, such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites, to help reduce instances of allergies.

A robot vacuum can pick up debris and dirt from your floors and steer it back to its charging station, but you need to keep few things in mind before choosing one for your needs. For example, if you want to prevent it from going in certain rooms, you may either close the door or use a magnetic boundary or virtual lighthouse that comes with some of these models. You may also have to empty dustbin and clean its filters regularly. Though best robot vacuum can sense all obstacles, still it can get tangled up in bigger cords or may inadvertently chew your thin cables.


Choosing the Best Robot Vacuum-Some Points To Consider.

It should work efficiently on hard surfaces, medium-pile carpets, bath mats and rugs. They should manage obstacles well and should be gentle if they strike your furniture or other objects. The best robot vacuum can run for over 2 hours and should have shorter charging time.

Robotic vacuums need regular cleanings and you need to empty trash in dustbin and tap its filter almost on daily basis depending upon your cleaning frequency. In some vacuums, such as Miele Scout, you may have to clean tangled hair around brushes.

Although smaller robot vacuums are much quieter than their bigger counterparts, more powerful ones can be fairly noisy, up to 80 decibels, equivalent to any conversation in a restaurant. Some robotic vacuums do not have charging stations, so a light on them indicates when battery is low so you can easily recharge it when necessary.

Some robot vacuums can be operated via smartphones and tablet apps. You can set the schedule and can control robot from home. Many robot vacuum these days have remote control which means there’s no need to chase them during cleaning jobs.

Lastly, best robot vacuum will have a good warranty. Most of the machines from reputable manufactures have at least three to five year warranty. Others will offer one year warranty on machine and six months warranty on battery.

Many robotic vacuums come with magnetic strips that can be placed on doorways or some areas that you’d not like your pet to venture into. Others use more technology and virtual walls that can be set to prevent robot from inadvertently travelling to. Virtual lighthouse can force robotic vacuum to quickly finish vacuuming one of your rooms in the house before moving on to another.

Some manufactures offer online user manual which is helpful if the package doesn’t come with a physical one. If some questions are not addressed in the manual you can always contact customer support by email, phone or live chat.

Best Robot Vacuums- Our Recommendations

We were impressed with Neato Botvac Connected as it has smart navigation features and can be controlled with tablet or smartphone apps. It rarely bumps into obstacles and can clean better than any other robotic vacuum. In turbo mode, it is quite powerful but makes more noise than regular vacuum cleaner!

The new modle from iRobot, the Roomba980 offers great performance. Using apps you can schedule cleaning and check for details on where robot has been cleaning in your house and for how long. You can even play game with it through app.

Samsung offers POWERbot that gives great cleaning performance. We also recommend Infinuvo Cleanmate, and Miele Scout as they are higher rated units and can pick up fine dust (every speck of debris) it’s challenged to. It may not clean certain pieces of your furniture, and the machine doesn’t have any carrying handle.

These machines are smart but cannot replace the deep clean which you can get using your canister or upright vacuum, but they surley keep your floors and carpets cleaner than they would have been otherwise.