Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioners


As temperatures continue to rise, one thing is certain: you will need an air conditioner for your home. While evaluating your cooling needs, many things will come into consideration: cost, installation, airflow as well as the size and how quiet your air conditioner is? Depending on where you are going to locate the device in your home, you might take into account the level of sound or buzz produced by the air conditioner. For instance, if you are buying an air conditioner to place in your study room, bedroom or any other quiet area, you might prefer a less noisy conditioner. For purposes of this discussion, I will review some examples of quiet air conditioners. Continue reading this best quiet portable air conditioner review to learn more.

But before we highlight the examples of these devices, we shall answer a few general questions to help you understand how conditioners differ from each other.

How do you know whether an air conditioner is quiet?

Air conditioners can be classified into different classes depending on the levels of sound produced by the devices. These sound levels are measured in decibels. Quiet air conditioners are those which produce less than 40 decibels while noisy conditioners produce more than 40 decibels.

Most silent conditioners operate below 55 decibels although some can run up to 70 decibels. Very silent conditioners can run less than 40 decibels. In most cases, you may not hear the sound produced by quiet air conditioners, although some can be noticeable even at 0 decibels.

Are silent portable air conditioners more expensive than other conditioners?

Many times, you will not find an overpriced quiet portable air conditioner, even though this feature is very useful. However, some other vendors may charge a few extra perks for quiet portable AC, so you should evaluate different vendors and compare their costs before closing the deal.

If silence of operation is important to you, below are some of the best quiet portable air conditioners you can try. These air conditioners have been tried and tested at the Air Greeks.

Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool


Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool air conditioner has not been on the market for very long, but it has earned reputation, considering it is one the quietest portable ACs you can imagine. If you are looking for an AC for your bedroom or study room, this device will make a great choice, although it is intended for a 500 square feet room.

Its fan produces minimal noise, making it just the perfect choice of an air conditioner for your room. In fact, you can sleep with the device turned on, without causing you any stress because its low and consistent buzz will become normal to your ears and you will adapt to it within a few minutes.

Perhaps the noticeable downside of this device is that its hoses tend to be difficult to fix to the window, but you can hire a technician to assist. Also, the mobility of this AC can be sometimes worrisome especially if you want to move it between floors.

Honeywell MF08CESWW 


If you are shopping for an AC for smaller rooms of 200 square feet or less, this AC model can make a fine choice. Honeywell AC is one the quietest devices you can think of, making if a perfect option if you are sensitive to noise.
Because this machine tends to get hot due to heat production, you can use an insulation tape to wrap the window adapter and hose. By doing this, you will increase the efficiency of the device, helping to lower the temperatures in the room in less time. In turn, this technique will also enable you to spend less on electricity bills.

Frigidaire – FRA053PU1: Portable Air Conditioner


This is another small and economical air conditioner that is ideal for small to medium sized rooms of 150 to 200 square feet. It also has other additional features including an antimicrobial mesh filter that ensures that the air supplied is free from microbial contaminants and other foreign material.

Most importantly, this device does not produce a lot of noise, thus allowing you to relax in a cool environment without stress.

Whynter – ARC-142BX: Portable Air Conditioner 


If you are looking for an air conditioner, this is the AC for you. This portable AC has a cooling capacity of more than 14000 BTU, making it suitable for larger rooms such as garages, server rooms, and other even halls. Additionally, it produces less noise, making it ideal for quiet places.