Best Portable Air Conditioner


Cooling is a slang that strikes the mind as soon as we think of air conditioners. Air conditioners are becoming the necessity, especially in hot continents. Cooling Appliances turn out to be a boon, especially during summers, when the sun is at the top of the head and drives everyone nuts.Here are the Best Portable Air Conditioner which you should consider to have



LG has been consistent out breaker for its technology, and LG air conditioners have a great roll down among the users, LG LWA5PS3F has a special fine mesh filter, which kills the bacteria in the air that passes through. It has a 4-way air deflection, which gives pleasant air in the desired direction.

It has a dual protection filter, with sleep mode and auto restart feature. LG AC price is quite reasonable starting from affordable ranges, and LG LWA5S3F is offered at a price of 31,990. LG air conditioner has come up with a new automatic AC fan control which maximizes energy savings. It weighs around 56kg which is not much heavy, and it doesn’t make much noise which is a boon and can be the best buy for users.

2. Godrej GWC 18GQ3 WNC:


Godrej is one of the oldest brands for air conditioners, Godrej AC’s have been in the market for quite many years and are good at providing with good services. Godrej GWC 18GQ3 WNC is a compatible air conditioner which is energy efficient, having a good cooling capacity of 5127W, it is a one tonnage AC with auto restart, having LED panel display. Godrej AC price starts from a normal range, which is affordable for the users, Godrej GWC 18GQ3 WNC is offered at a price of 26,290. With such good features and a year warranty, this can be a good buy for users.



LG LWA3BP3F is a 1-ton air conditioner, which has a dual protection filter, it has a rotary r22 compressor powering unit. LG air conditioners come with many good features like the auto restart, front LED panel display, and this model comes with many new features such as night glow buttons on remote, 50db indoor sound level, and 2d cooling. LG AC price has always been steady which gives the buyers a lot of choices to vouch from. This model is offered at a price of 21,900. LG air conditioners have always been a good brand for its electronics product, and this product can be a good buy.

4. Hitachi RAW122KUD KAZE Plus:


This is 2 ton AC which have multiple features which can accelerate users to buy this, it provides with an auto power save mode, koukin filter, precoated aluminum fins, clean filter indicators, auto climate technology. Hitachi air conditioners come with many variants and power intelligent technology. This model is offered at a price of 31,160 which is quite affordable with such features. Hitachi air conditioner price doesn’t vary much as it starts from a high range and does provide lots of products under that. Hitachi air conditioners come with many good features like the eco-friendly and energy efficient.

5. Lloyd LW12A2N:


Lloyd as an AC brand has been new to the market in comparison to Godrej, but with innovations and techniques Lloyd air conditioners are getting a good response, Lloyd LW12A2N is a 1 ton AC having a rotary compressor. It comes with good features such as easy clean panel, self-evaporative system, auto restart, intelligent defrosting and sliding frame. It is quite energy efficient having a power consumption of 1200 watts. Lloyd AC price is quite affordable and starts with a normal range. This model is offered at a price of 21,000. With good features and a good price this may certainly be a reasonable choice for those who want a low price AC but with good features.

6. Portable Ac air conditioners


As the name derives, the first practical aim of portable air conditioners is portability. Portable AC’s is easy to transport as they are on tires and are light measured and are perfect to carry from one spot to another.

7. Floor Standing Unit –

Lounge, Significant Rooms, and Airport favor installing of these air conditioners unit. Though they are heavy, they are extremely powerful and offers energizing air in an entire room within minutes. The advantage of having floor standing product is that it will not require any duct, and, they are portable, and have got an attractive design with glittering LCD Sections. Sharp manufacturers are striving hard to come up with slim design floor standing AC, which would take in less energy, but that remains in the process.