Best Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Review


After spending a long time comparing several models of portable air conditioner on the market- including 12 hours of testing few of the top selling units-we feel that Haier HPN12XCM is the best dual hose portable air conditioner for you. Though windows AC gives a much better cooling effect in a room, but sometimes you can use a portable AC as it’s the only option that can fit your available space. So if you need one then look no further than then look no further than HPN12XCM because it offers you the best possible combination of intuitive control, cooling comfort, quiet operation and portability among its competitors.

Who all can buy this portable AC?

If you have sufficient space for an windows AC, then using a portable air conditioner is usually a wrong choice. They are not only expensive but may never cool as efficiently or effectively. They’re placed inside the house and have to work hard to remove hot air inside your room. In fact, while doing so it may radiate some of it back into the same area.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to vent this air conditioner out of the window or other available openings to ensure its efficiency. Most portable AC’s come with special “window kits” that contract or extend to fit any opening and may close off to prevent heat or bugs from entering inside. It’s also possible to make some DIY additions (tape, foam, weatherstripping etc) to seal off the area immediately surrounding the vent.

We’d tested four main contenders:

  • Haier HPN12XCM,
    • Honeywell MN10CESWW,
    • LG LP1215GXR,
    • Whynter ARC-12S.

Haier HPN12XCM


Its one of the best dual hose portable air conditioner that you can install easily and it cools as fast as some of its competitors. It not only faster, but possesses great looks, too. It has many benefits over its competitors. You can easily roll it from one room to another and it easily glides over carpets. We found its remote and controls intuitive and simple. Its very affordable and many big online sellers carry this model. It’s surely one of the best models if you want to cool any medium sized room in your house.

At 68 pounds, it’s bit heavy, but easy to move on both bare floors and carpet. Compared to other models it’s also quieter, and at highest fan setting, it clocked 62.5DBC, not bad when you compare it to other portable air conditioners.

Its installation is fast and simple. It comes equipped with insulation foam that improves its cooling efficiency. There is an plastic accordion hose attached to the unit that can extend up to five feet. Its window kit can quickly adjust to fit most windows.

Its remote is sleek and has just 6 buttons that can easily control all its functions. You can easily hang the remote on the front of the machine. If you’re not interested in using this remote, you can use its on-board controls that come with intuitive interface.

The unit cranks out 11,900 BTU and can easily cool up to 550 square feet of space. It’s the best dual hose portable air conditioner that can pull out 4.2 pints moisture per hour, which is the highest capacity visible in any portable air conditioner. It’s also one of the best reviewed models on Home Depot with 522 reviews and 4.1 stars. It’s also the highest recommended and second-highest rated portable AC in Consumer Reports rankings.

Honeywell MN10CESWW


This unit is a reasonably nice portable air conditioner. At low fan speed, its quietest one we’ve tested, but it has lowest cooling (10,000 BTU) and lower dehumidification (2.7 pints an hour) capacity than other machines we tested. Honeywell offers 12,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU cooling capacity versions as well, but they cost more and don’t offer significant advantage over Haier.



Well, LG is slightly bulky and you may find it hard to move around. It’s also slightly louder than other portable air conditioners. However, its superior efficiency and oscillating fan makes it a nice backup choice. It is a good alternative to Haier if you can tolerate some noise. It can dehumidify as quick as Haier, pulling out 2.7 pints an hour. LG is also slightly lighter than Haier, but is difficult to move on carpets than Haier. This is mainly due to its smaller casters that don’t roll smoothly.

The LP1215GXR offers a high ERR of 12.5, one of the highest in comparable window units. Like Haier, it is also a 12,000 BTU unit, but can only handle up to 450 square feet of space. Its powerful oscillating fan can circulate greater amount of cool air over a larger area. This is great if you want an air conditioner to double up as fan. Its fan blades can quickly oscillate up or down automatically to ensure even distribution of cool air fast and more evenly.

Whynter ARC-12S


This portable air conditioner is quite similar to the main pick, and has nice dehumidification capacity (around 4 pints an hour) and a 12,000 strong cooling capacity. Its one of the best dual hose portable air conditioner that also has higher ERR, but is bit noisy. The dual hose models ARC-12SDH and ARC-12SD have a greater built so you can easily use them for spot warming or cooling.