Best Blenders of 2017


When it comes to choosing the best blender from the market, there are some important factors worth considering. The utility, functionality, ease of cleaning and design makes some of the vital aspects you need to look for in a blender every time you make a purchase. Here are the exceptional blenders of 2017 that will completely suit any of your blending needs.

The blenders have been ranked depending on their overall consumer ratings, availability of efficient customer support services, warranty periods and the contemporary features and design.

Cuisinart Hurricane blender

This model offers a friendly user interface; it’s relatively quiet and compact. It’s one of the best blenders for making soup and smoothies. It crushes vegetables and fruits way easily producing smoother and hotter blend. The programmable buttons make it easy for one to customize and control the product for satisfactory and quick blending. A long lifetime warranty inspires confidence in terms of durability and safety in the course of use.


An easy clean-up is made possible by the fine surface finish which works exceptionally well with any dishwasher. You can also wipe off the controls with a damp cloth and obtain a spotless surface. A rating of 1500 watts is energy efficient and provides an optimum working condition with a jar capacity of up to 64 ounces. It allows up to 10-speed settings and the blend temperature remains constant at 156 Fahrenheit. It’s less preferred for crushing ice but the overall performance makes it our top pick.

Nutri Ninja Duo Blender

Nutri Ninja is one of the cost effective blenders in the market with some of the exceptional features in place. This high power unit comes with three pitchers and one base for customizable blending. It’s good for nearly all the task you can assign; from producing smooth blends to crushing ice. With a power rating of 1600 watts, it’s a quiet blender with 93 decibels. The non-slip base is another feature of marvel offering outermost safety to this product.


Suction cups ensure a perfect balance at the base with no tip over even on a wet countertop. The ease of cleaning the flats makes it possible for either; a dishwasher or manual hand washing. The cord wrap is efficient for keeping the countertop in order when positioned close to the outlet. The warranty period can be short as compared to the 8-year warranty of some products but the brand itself has stood the test of time in offering the best of blending experiences. The soup performance is a bit underwhelming as compared to its counterparts but the utility and design win big for this case.

Dash Chef Digital Blender

The Dash Chef Blender comes in six preset functions; the puree, rinse, smoothie, soup, crush and frozen. The digital point and click interface offers an easy to use settings that can be customized to fit any of your blending tasks. The rinse setting, for example, provides a hidden cord storage and easy cleaning. With a 2.25 horsepower and rating of 1400 watts, it will serve the entire task you can assign within the kitchen environment.


You will craft your velvety soups with ease, blend fresh smoothies, ice cream, savory dips and sauce with the help of a quick recipe book. A one-year warranty is given by the manufacturer upon a successful purchase with a 7-year additional warranty on the motor which is just enough for that piece of mind while using the product. The manual and pulse functions enhance for easy control while the sleek design fits any countertop model.

Oster Versa Blender


This is one the high power blenders with a relatively quiet operation. With a modest price, you can purchase this product to serve all the common blending in your home. The easy to use interface makes this blender a great pick among the highly performing products with a rare combination of amazing features. This blender does a solid job in any of the blending tasks; crushing ice, blending smoothies and soup. This is one of the durable blenders we have in the market; it serves to offer the best with little maintenance practices.

Kitchen Aid Diamond Blender

The Kitchen Aid blender has been designed for blending certain food under their favorable conditions. It features an Intelli-speed motor with a sturdy design and holds up to 60 ounces; this is a perfect blender for long-term family use. This blender can mix, stir, puree, chop and liquidate your favorite food. The five pulse setting offers for flexibility and customizable settings while using the blender.


The preparation is quite simple with an easy cleanup after the use. This type of a blender is one of the best you can get under $200. Its efficiency though may be limited to smoothie recipe, is satisfactory and worth the investment.

The other blenders of 2017 that have been proved to be efficient in service delivery include; NutriBullet Rx, Ninja Professional, Blendtec 625, Vitamix CIA and the Vitamix 5200. Each of them works exceptionally well with any of the contemporary blending tasks and are available in their pocket-friendly prices. The Ninja Professional, for example, is the undefeated champion when it comes to ice crushing; it outshines some of its expensive competitors.

Blenders make your life simpler; experience the best of your family fun times with the above blenders of 2017. You will never go wrong picking any of the above depending on your budget, taste and preference.