The Best Air Purifiers For People With Allergies


Anyone who lives with allergies knows how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. What do you do when the very air that you breathe carries contaminants that have you constantly sneezing with a runny nose and scratchy throat. Some people have tried to get temporary relief by keeping their home spotless at all times, carrying their vacuum with them as they move from room to room. But dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens are formidable foes. It may be time to take the guesswork out of it and get a high-quality air purifier to keep the air in your living space clean and allow you to breathe easy.

In this case, when looking for an air purifier, there are a couple things you should look for:

  • Look for a purifier with a HEPA filter. These filters are specially designed to capture the tiniest particles in the air.
  • Look for a purifier that is specifically made for allergy sufferers.
  • Look for a purifier that works for the size of the room that it will be in. Some manufacturers even include the square footage that each model can clean.

So, let’s look at the top four affordable air purifiers for allergies:

Blue Air Blue Pure 211 ($250)

This is a great purifier in larger spaces between 350 to 650 square feet. It removes dust, smoke, and pollen from the air and captures 99% of airborne pollutants that have a PM of 2.5. The machine is 12.5 pounds and is portable. Its pre-filter is washable and there is a notification light that alerts you when its filter needs to be changed and cleaned. It is a little noisy, even when run on the lowest setting and annual operating and filter costs are quite high.


Conway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier ($230)

This purifier cleans medium sized rooms up to 350 square feet does so in 30 minutes. Its filters last up to two years, meaning, fewer filter replacements and therefore less costs. The machine also costs less for annual maintenance so it ends up being much cheaper in the long run.  It has a HEPA efficiency rating of 99.97% and there are three air flow speed options.


Gideon Electronic Plug-In Air Purifier With UV Sanitizer ($30)

This is a tiny air purifier made to be plugged into the wall and is a great affordable option. It cleans small spaces up to 150 square feet and is extremely quiet. This purifier does not use HEPA filters but instead uses ultraviolet light to destroy germs including dust mites and stainless-steel filters to clean the air of pollutants. It works best in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, nurseries and rooms with pets.


Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover ($215)

This air purifier is the only option on the list for medium to large spaces that is completely quiet and the most energy efficient. Due to its quiet operation, this air purifier can be run all night long without disturbing your sleep. It is Energy Star certified and removes smoke, dust, and pollen effectively. It includes useful features like a timer to program the machine to turn on and off, a carry handle and an indicator that tells you when the filter needs to be changed. It can clean rooms up to a square footage of 465 and you can program it to shut off after either two, four or eight hours. However, the annual maintenance and filter replacement costs for this air purifier are quite high.