Best 14000 BTU portable air conditioner- Whynter ARC-14s Portable Air Conditioner



The Whynter ARC-14s Portable Air Conditioner is an eco-friendly one of the best portable air conditioner. It uses minimal energy to cool your spaces. This air conditioner is ideal for classrooms, bedrooms, and offices. It chills 500 square feet of space with its 14000 BTU’s capacity.


· Cooling capacity- 14000 BTUs
· Eco-friendly
· Dehumidifying capacity- 101 pints per day
· Fully thermostatic control- 60-F, 89-F
· 24HR programmable timer
· Max power consumption- 1250W/ 10.8 A
· Power supply- 115V/60Hz/1 phase
· 3 fan speeds
· Max window kit length- 46”;min window kit length- 20”
· Dimension- 35.5×19×16 inches
· Weight- 80 pounds
· Patent auto-drain function
· R-410 refrigerant ozone safe
· RoHS compliant

Features of the Whynter ARC-14s Portable Air Conditioner:-


The Whynter ARC-14s has a capacity of 14000 BTU which effectively cools spaces up to 500 square feet. It can be installed in bedrooms, offices, workshops, and living rooms. The air conditioning is R-410 ozone safe and RoHS complaint.

Easy transport:

The Whynter ARC-14s has four multi-directional castors. The portable unit can be wheeled effortlessly from one room to the other.

Auto Drain function:

The Auto Drain function of the air conditioner sucks the warm air from the atmosphere and converts it to chilled, clean air. It cools effectively for hours without damping the environment by means of condensation.

Dual hose exhaust system:

The air conditioner sucks the atmospheric air from the inside and outside of the room. The warm and heated air can thereby get expelled from the exhaust hose. This feature improves the cooling mechanism and provides effective cooling.

Operational modes:

The Whynter ARC-14s has 3 operational modes- Fan, Dehumidifying, and Cooling. The cooling mode dehumidifies simultaneously. The dehumidifying feature can dehumidify the room without the cooling mechanism. The fan mode is devised for air circulation in the room and operates at 4 fan speeds. The dehumidifying capacity of the unit is 101 pints per day. The digital thermostat is adjustable from a range of 61-F, 89-F.

Venting Kit:

The install kit comprises of a unit that fits into the standard window of 36”. The Easy install kit has all parts needed to assemble the system. Two 49” exhaust hose is provided. The kit is complete with components like the leakage current detection and interruption plug. These minimize accidents due to faulty cords. The ARC-14s can be customized as per wall openings and wall ceilings. The slide bar can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.

Control Panel:

The control panel is sleek and easy to operate. It has options like mode selection, up/down temperature adjustments, fan speed selection. You can program the device with the 24-hr timer to activate or switch off at automated schedules. The remote control allows you to operate the AC without changing your position.


The Whynter ARC-14s has a pre-filter and a carbon filter that neutralizes odors. The pre-filter is easy to clean and you can wash it or vacuum for effective cleaning. The carbon filter needs replacement every two-three months.

Auto-restart feature:

The auto-restart feature resumes the ARC-14s from its previous settings, in the case of power cuts.

The Whynter ARC-14s Portable Air Conditioner review:-

Energy efficient:

The ARC-14s is a sturdy portable air conditioning unit that is energy-efficient with its CFC design. It provides excellent cooling while saving the energy. This feature would hugely save on your monthly electric bills. Moreover, the RoHS components are carbon-free and eco-friendly.

Effective cooling:

The unit, with 14000 BTUs, optimally cools your spaces up to 500 square feet of area. The auto drain feature prevents condensation even after long hours of usage. You can conveniently avail the cool air without experiencing any dampness. The Dual Hose Exhaust provides efficient cooling.


The dimensions of the air conditioner are ideally suited for a bedroom/office/classroom. The unit can be wheeled from one room to the other. The wheels are multi-dimensional and smooth gliding.

Functions, features, and installation:

The pre-filter is easy to dismantle and clean. The unit can be customised and installed as per your space specifications. The control panel is rich in features and the remote control is easy to operate. The auto-restart feature and the 24-hour timer are automated features that reduce your operational hassle. The LCD display ensures convenient maneuvering. The leakage and interruption plug protect the unit against the risk of fire accidents.

Wrap up:

The Whynter 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is a smart portable unit with premium cooling capacities. It takes care of your monthly bills and is eco-friendly too. The 3 operational modes give you the freedom to choose among varied options. This is an ideal cooling unit for rooms, offices, classrooms and workshops.