All You Need To Know About The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Carpets


There is a lot of debate about what vacuum works the best. Some want to spend a lot of money for something they think will be the best and last forever, and some want something cheap but effective. The best vacuum cleaner comes down to what is best for you and your home. What works great in your friend’s house may not do well for you. Think about your dirt problems, your flooring types, and even the layout of your home before you choose what you need to keep your floors and furniture clean.

If you have mostly hardwood floors and a few carpets, you do not need a very expensive vacuum cleaner. Some can go over hardwoods and pick up dirt, dust, and other debris, but they can also be very hard on your floor. Most find that a dry mop is the best way to clean hardwoods. You may want something small and simple so that you can clean your area rugs, but getting a large, expensive vacuum may be too much for your needs.

Those that have all carpeting in the home need to find the best vacuum cleaner for carpet. This vacuum must have a good beater bar, which pulls dirt up from within the carpet to pick it up. You can not get a good clean on the carpet without one of these. You also need something that is practical to push or carry around with you. If you have a lot of carpets, you are going to spend a lot of time with your vacuum. You don’t want something too heavy, or you could hurt your back cleaning your home.


If you have more than one level of your home or furniture that you want to keep free of dirt, you have to have something with easy to use attachments for the best vacuum cleaner for your home. You have to be able to get into the crevices of your couch and along the steps of your stairs for your carpet to look fresh and clean. A regular vacuum cleaner head will not get your steps clean. If you have pets, this is a must because pet hair does not stay exclusively on the floor. You will apparently need the tools to get these clean.

Imagine life at home without a vacuum cleaner. We rely on this reliable appliance to take out all the dust and dirt of our households. Before they were invented, home cleaning remained a major mission that would eat up precious hours. Brooms, mops, and brushes had to be used, and rugs or carpets had to be removed and beaten to take out the dust. This method of cleaning also caused some major health issues.
The first commercial electric vacuum cleaner was manufactured and released to the market in 1908. It came with a cloth filter bag and the cleaning attachments. In the years that followed, improvements were made on the size, weight and suction power of most vacuum cleaners. Many designs came out, but the upright type remained to be the most efficient to date.

The modern day vacuum cleaner is now lighter and more versatile and comes in both bag-type and bagless forms. Bags that used to be washable are now made of disposable materials, replacements of which can be easily bought in the appliance store. Vacuum cleaners can now also be used to clean mattresses, draperies, and upholstery aside from carpets and are also designed for hard to reach places. Some vacuum cleaners can also do both dry and wet cleaning and most come with added functions such as a blower and can work as water-based paint sprayers.

Models that come with dust bags work better than the bagless type. With the latter, you have to clean out the dust receptacle, and although you can empty it straight into the garbage bin, dust will still tend to fly out into the air. With a bag-type cleaner, all the dust remains in a sealed bag which you can easily remove, tie up and dispose of.

Choose a vacuum unit with strong suction power. It goes deep down to the recesses of carpet strands to remove embedded dirt. Cleaning your home with a vacuum cleaner keeps it spic and span and gives you a healthy living environment. Getting one for your home is a good investment, maintenance and health wise.