About Us

Hello, and Welcome to Joomlana. My name is Julia James, and I’m on a quest to offer you actionable and simplified home and kitchen appliances advice.

Joomlana was started in 2016 to provide information that makes it easy to understand your home and kitchen appliances in non-technical language. I have always found the information online to be inadequate in providing actionable advice on how to use home and kitchen appliances.

I wanted Joomlana to offer something different, which is why I committed to crafting home and kitchen appliance solutions that are actionable and easy to understand not just by the techies but also the homemaker and the senior citizen.

My Story

I was not a particularly tech-savvy person growing up, and I did not even think about home and kitchen appliances for any significant period. It was when I joined college that I started to get interested in home and kitchen appliances in general.

It was in my junior year that I found I was having problems with finding any straightforward answers to my home and kitchen appliances problems that I started to get really frustrated. An interesting thing began to happen; I soon figured out that whenever I would visit the question and answer sites such as Quora or Yahoo Answers, I would often get my questions answered in an easy to understand language. I became a regular contributor on home and kitchen appliances and frequently had my answers upvoted as the top answers on many questions.

While I had not been a techie or a appliance geek, I found that if I tried out things and read enough about them, I was able to offer some good advice on almost anything in tech. It was through a lot of trial and error to become a proficient technician. While I cannot say I am a genius, I can confidently say that the team we have built at Joomlana can handle and take care of all your home appliances needs and questions. We can help you to get your home appliances back to good working order.

Today’s tech and computer landscape evolve very fast. For a person not well versed in modern technologies or innovations, it can cause real problems. Moreover, the huge amount of information online just complicates matters further as different experts may offer conflicting advice.

We at Joomlana have made a commitment to certain principles that we strive to abide by.

What we do

1. Simplify complex home and kitchen appliance advice

2. Give actionable advice

3. Write for ordinary not techie people

4. Use real life experience and testing to back up our advice

What we don’t do

1. Promote inferior or fake appliances

2. Give you advice that we have not tested out ourselves and found to work

3. Encourage you to buy expensive tech or home and kitchen appliances

4. Provide favorable reviews to companies for pay

Feel free to browse through our most popular content and solutions to a range of technical problems on our blog here:

We have done this to ensure that we are a one-stop shop for all thing home  and kitchen appliances advice, without all the confusion you may find on other web spaces.

If you would like to contact me or anyone on the team, please find us here.