10 of The Best Air Purifiers


Looking forward to find information on the best air purifiers on the market? Right now there are several different types of purifiers on the marketplace to choose from including HEPA, Ionic, and ozone.. There are many doubters in the world of science and other communities as well that don’t think that air devices do what they say they do. The doubters believe it is a “placebo” effect on the users and that nothing changes and that the manufacturers are employing scare strategies and false promises to entice buyers.

Right here we will review the best purifiers based on advice from fanatics consumers and other forensic critics that perform a comprehensive tests and present them to consumers. So regarding to my analysis the top best air purifiers are;

1. IQAir Health Pro.



This air cleaner which tops our top ten air purifiers list received the highest ranking at Air-Purifiers-America. com and in other reviews. This can filter right down to zero. 1-micron level size air particulates and performs perfectly at high speed but is a lttle bit noisy. IQAir Wellness Pro uses hyper DUST technology and can clean up to a 1, 500 square foot room. The Hong Kong Hospital Authority used this purifier during the SARS outbreak. A more expensive unit is the IQAir Health Pro As well as which additionally removes odors.

 2. Blueair 601.


Relating to the 2007 Connection of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) Directory of Certified Room Air Cleaners, the Blueair 601 is included in our top five home air cleaners has the fourth-highest clean air delivery rate (CADR) among 40 brands for dust, pollen, and smoke removal. It may clean up to a 679 square foot room and has a 10-year warranty. It uses a mixture of ionization and HEPA-like filters. Some reviews say that in applying this blend technology, Blueair captures a higher percentage of allergens without releasing ozone in the air, like other electrostatic models.

3. Alen A375UV.


This kind of is considered the most advanced model under the Alen brand with DUST filtration, 2 UV bulbs for bacterial control, everlasting titanium dioxide filter for volatile organic and natural compounds (VOCs) and Activated Carbon for light odor removal. It is good for use up to 400 block feet.

4. Alen A350.


This item was found to be quieter than IQAir Health and can clean from 400 sqft up to 800 square feet. Alen A350 contains one filter cartridge that includes the HEPA filter, carbon dioxide filter and pre-filter all in one. So the replacement filter costs are less and it costs half as much as Blueair or AlenA375UV.

5. Eco-Rx Master Series RX400.

Most testers prefer HEPA air purifiers over UV models, but Eco-Rx can be comparable to IQAir Health Expert and Blueair models by using a different technology. The sealed chamber of the Eco-Rx ensures that incoming air remains in the unit long enough to be decontaminated. Additionally, it has a safety shutoff feature to minimize the risk of unintentional UV exposure. It addresses up to 500 block feet. Like other UV-only purifiers, this model is beneficial only against biological contaminants.

6. AllerAir.


This brand uses five stages of filtration and includes high-grade activated carbon for chemical and gas control. AllerAir uses HEPA technology and can remove allergens, smells and cigarette smoke.

7. Austin Air Healthmate –


Gets rid of dust, pollen and smells in large rooms. The pre-filters are washable and can be vacuumed. It employs true HEPA filter and controls mold spores, pollen, pet dander, light tobacco smoke and dust particles mites.

8. Whirlpool Whispure AP45030S.


This model has a pre-filter for odors, a filter change indication, and push button handles. It can cleanup to a 500 square foot area. The filter substitute cost can add up the cost, though. Its pre-filter must be replaced every three months, and the HEPA filter should be replaced every year.being unfaithful.

9. Honeywell Enviracaire 50250.


This is one of the least expensive air purifiers to get good reviews. Honeywell Enviracaire is a spherical air cleaner that has a pre-filter for odors and a HEPA filter to trap allergens. It is made for rooms up to 375 square feet. This is an inexpensive item than other purifiers but is also noisier.

10. Hamilton Seashore TrueAir 04161.

This air purifier has a DUST filter, a carbon pre-filter, and UV germicidal light. It can cover up to 200 square foot. The carbon pre-filter absorbs odor, and the AND ALSO light kills bacteria. This works together with the HEPA filtration to be more effective and has a filter indicator.